Gas Line and Appliance Installation

Gas Installation

When building or renovating your dream kitchen or outdoor entertaining area, many people choose the flexibility and control of gas cooking. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to install LP or natural gas, we can help you.

The Gap Plumbing Service are fully licensed gasfitters, which means we can safely remove and install all gas appliances including cook-tops, stoves, water boilers and cookers. We can even install bayonet fittings for gas BBQs – an essential part of the Brisbane lifestyle.

If you are looking for the latest in gas hot water systems or gas heaters, we also have you covered. As licensed gas installers, we can safely remove and install gas hot water systems and heaters – quickly and with minimum fuss.

The Gap Plumbing Service can assist you with electricity to gas conversions, or LP to Natural gas conversions, as part of your home renovation.

We can also install, repair or extend gas lines to your home and install replacement lines if required.

Gas Repairs

The Gap Plumbing Service can repair faulty gas appliances and hot water systems, as well as deal with gas leak emergencies. We can also help you with gas line replacements by converting old galvanised pipes to new copper piping.

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