Hot Water System Repair and Installation

Hot Water System Supply and Installation

Hot water system emergency?  No problem, we have same day installation of emergency hot water systems that we install until your preferred gas, electric or heat pump hot water system is ordered and ready to install.  That means no cold showers!  Our Plumbers are trained and licenced in Gas, Electric and Heat Pump hot water system installation giving you choice and flexibility in finding the right hot water solution for your household.

Hot Water System Repair

If your hot water system is dripping from a valve or loosing temperature, we may be able to repair it with a new valves or by replacing the element.  We can run diagnostic testing on the hot water system to confirm if a repair is an option rather than a replacement.  If your hot water system is leaking from the base of the unit, this is a key indicator of a replacement being necessary.

Cost of Hot Water Systems

Our average time to install a hot water system is 3 hours, dependant on if it’s a straight swap or if the unit needs to be moved to a new location.  The average labour cost is $330 + GST, this is dependent on site and we provide FREE QUOTES, so it’s best to call and discuss your specific needs. 

Hot Water Systems can also range in price dependent on type, being storage hot water system or instantaneous (therwise known as continuous flow) hot water system.  Heat Pump hot water systems also have a higher up front cost however have Government rebates available for Trading the STCs on the unit.  The cost of a hot water system could range from $700 – $2200 dependant on the make and model you select.

We can also arrange ancillary Trades such as Electricians for the installation of external power points, connecting electric systems and upgrading power board circuits to allow for a higher kW element.  This saves you time in firstly finding, arranging a quote and coordinating availability.

Heat Pump Hot Water System Installation

Heat Pumps have a higher upfront cost however a lower running cost compared to electric.  The system works by heating your water through drawing on the ambient air outside the unit, like a reverse cycle air conditioner.  An example of the units energy efficiency is evident in the Hydrotherm model which uses 0.88kW of electricity per hour which generates 3.6kW of heat per hour. In comparison an electric hot water system will use 3.6kW of electricity per hour and will generate 3.6kW of heat per hour. So instead of your energy provider charging for 3.6kWh you will only be charged for 0.88kWh, dramatically reducing your bill and energy consumption.   See the link to Hydrotherm for all the FAQ on Heat Pump Installation. 

Gas Hot Water System Installation

Whether you have Natural Gas or LPG Gas, we can supply and install all brands of systems including popular models such as Rheem, Bosch, Rinnai and more in either Instantaneous (Continuous Flow) or Storage models.  Gas Hot Water systems provide an economical energy solution for your household due to low greenhouse gas emissions and 4-5 Star energy efficiency ratings on popular models.  Gas systems don’t rely on tariffs or large storage cylinders that heat overnight, therefore your hot water system flow has an increased reliability.   We are licenced by the Department of Mines and Energy to install your gas hot water system and issue your Gas Compliance Certificate to provide to your gas supplier for delivery of LPG bottles.

Electric Hot Water System Installation

A Heat Pump or Gas Hot Water System won’t suit every household or budget and we can supply and install all makes and models of Electric Hot Water Systems.  Our most popular cost effective model is the Aquamax 250L, 160L or 160L squat electric hot water system. 

We have access to all models of hot water systems including Rinnai, Rheem and Thermann and dependent on model, can install electric hot water systems for an average cost of $1580* incl GST.

*A price variance will occur dependent on make and model, when there is a relocation of position or the electrical power board needs to be upgraded to take a larger kW element.

What size Hot Water system:

Electric storage system:

2+ persons – 160L unit

4+ persons – 250-315L unit

Gas storage system:

2+ persons – 80 – 135L unit

4+ persons – 135-170L unit

Continuous Flow gas hot water:

2+ persons – 20L/minute

4+ persons – 26L/minute

A valid source of further information is the Choice Buyers Guide on Hot Water Systems

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