Leaking Taps and Toilets

Dripping taps! It is more than a simply annoying sound – leaking taps waste precious water and if the drip is in a hot water tap, it is costing you money!

Tap washers need to be regularly replaced. Signs that your tap washers need replacing are drips or leaks from your taps or shower, or finding you need to turn your taps off harder in order to stop the water.

While most tap washer replacements are quite straightforward, in many cases the washer bed inside of the tap needs to be re-seated. This is a job best left to a professional plumber, as it is extremely easy to miss-thread or over grind the tap washer seat, which will result in you needing new tap ware.

Leaking Toilet Repairs

Toilets also have their fair share of problems. They can leak or run continuously. They can also be noisy, cracked or block up. Small leaks from your toilet may be difficult to spot initially, but small toilet leaks can cause substantial damage to your walls and floor. As soon as you spot a problem with your toilet, give our Plumbing Service a call.

Leaking toilet repairs may include the replacement of the inlet and outlet valve in your toilet cistern; replacing seals and washers in the cistern; or repairing, adjusting or replacing the floats in your cistern.

Replacement Toilets can refresh the look of your bathroom and solve the problem of an old cistern and pan that can no longer be repaired.  We are well versed at removal and installation of all toilet types including bottom inlet, top inlet, S-Trap/P-Trap, Closed Couple, Back to Wall, In Wall Cistern, Wall Hung or your simple Link Suite.

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