Mains Water Leaks and Replacement

Is your water pressure low?  Don’t worry, we can help.  Low water pressure can be due to rust and scale build up in old galvanised pipes.  We can can replace old galvanised lines with Auspex and connect to all fixtures to increase your flow.  This will solve your water pressure issues and eliminate scale and rust contamination in the line.

In addition to internal water line replacement, we can rectify leaks in your mains water feed.  We can use electronic pipe location to detect the exact location of the leak, saving you time in labour.  Visual signs can also indicate a leak, through pooling of water, soft lawn or increased water usage. We can also issue a report to Queensland Urban Utilities to apply for credit on water usage related to a leak.

Our Plumbing Service can repair, move or replace your mains water supply line to ensure you have the best water supply possible to your home.

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