Renovations for Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchens

Plumbing, Drainage and Gas Fitting for Laundry, Bathroom and Kitchen renovations is an essential trade that can make a project run smoothly…or not.  

We have over 15 years experienced in liaising kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations and work in with all trades involved in the process to ensure we complete our stages of work in order to keep the job flowing.  Working closely with Builders, Electricians, Tilers and Glaziers, we understand the process of a kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovation, ensuring our plumbing, drainage and gas fitting work is done in accordance with interior design plan  and complies with AS3500 for Plumbing and Drainage and Petroleum and Gas Act 2004.

Plumbers, Drainers and Gas Fitters are needed at the cap off stage of a bathroom, rough in of pipe work and then at fit off.  As we are on site 3 times (at least!) during a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation, we ensure that communication channel are set up at the beginning of the job and flow through to completion. This assists us with scheduling as well as your Builder and yourself with understanding which trade is required on site when.

As a consumer, if you are planning a renovation works over $11,000 you will need to secure the services of a Builder or Restricted Builder to conduct your Renovation.  The main reason for the QBCC regulation comes down to trade management and conflict resolution, the Domestic Contract Payments Act and quality assurance of works.  

As technically trained tradespeople, our team have the skills and knowledge to conduct their work in accordance with Code, but we also bring the care factor that can make the difference between a job fraught with defects, and one that runs smoothly with quality workmanship.

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