Rainwater Tank Installations

Rainwater Tank Installation

Droughts are as much a part of living in Brisbane as are wild summer storms. Having a rainwater tank installed can help conserve our precious water as well as protect you in case of water outages or contamination after a storm event

Our Plumbing Service can install and connect rainwater tanks for use in the garden, laundry or to flush your toilet.

Water tanks are more than just the tank – they need down pipes, an overflow pipe, pump and hose-cock fitting to be connected to the tank. You are also required by Council to have a first flush system installed to your tank. This system means that the first 10 litres of water after rain is diverted away from your tank to protect you from dirt, pollution and debris.

You may also choose to install a mains/tank water diverter to ensure consistent water supply where you are incorporating tank water into your internal plumbing. Where your tank is to be connected to your home’s plumbing, you are legally required to have a licensed plumber make the connection for you.

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