Bathroom renovations have never been easier!

With so many free idea platforms available to the consumer, such as Instagram, Pinterest and renovation reality shows, bathroom styles, trends, and design options are so accessible.  Once you have considered your concept, you need someone to make it happen.  That’s where we come in, as your bathroom renovation specialists.  We can take your ideas, desired look and layout and convert them into the bathroom of your Insta-dreams.

While your crafted bathroom awaits, there is an exceptional amount of behind the scenes work that the reality shows don’t show you.  Firstly is the requirement by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for any renovation works over $11,000 to be done by a builder.  You can do this yourself, but you need an Owner Builder licence, which takes time and money to obtain.

We are restricted builders with a specialised licence in kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations, which means that we have knowledge of the National Construction Code (NCC) to ensure that all trade works are conducted to Standard.  We are also responsible for the works, against any major defect, for 6.5 years.  Which provides you with peace of mind that your bathroom renovation will be done to Standard and is guaranteed.

We aim to be flexible in delivering your design that’s why we don’t restrict you to a limited choice of suppliers.  You can either source and supply your fixtures and fittings (known as PC items), or we can help you with that through our network of suppliers. A recommendation when buying your PC items is to choose products with warranties and water efficiency labeling ratings, that way you’re not installing a quality bathroom with lower-quality finishes.

Sometimes dreams and budgets don’t always match up, that’s why we work with you to get the look you’re after, with perhaps a few tweaks, to match your finances.  There are lots of workarounds that we can present you with that may reduce the building costs but still deliver your overall design.  Along with workarounds, comes space-saving ideas and access to our 20 years of renovation knowledge where we may offer you a solution that matches your concept.

Call Mark today for a quote on crafting your bathroom space on 1300 422 566.