Blocked Drains Cleared Fast

The reason for blocked drains can stem from either intrusion (tree roots) or content (items placed in drain). Both sewer and storm water can block and our high pressure Jetter uses cutting nozzles and hose to blast through the obstruction and clear the line. This efficient high pressure system completely cleans the line of debris, grease and roots reducing the need for frequent drain cleaning.

We can enter the drain from multiple points, either by removing the toilet or through an inspection opening. If an intrusion has occurred that has broken or collapsed the pipe causing a defect in the line, we can electronically locate the exact location which saves you money as no time is wasted. We can then cut a section of pipe work out and replace, which again saves money as an entirely new line isn’t required. Where a sewer or storm water line is broken in several places the most cost effective solution is to lay a new line.

Our Drainage Unit Van is set up with the high pressure Jetter and 60 meters of hose making us responsive when the symptoms of raw sewage or backing up of sewer drains occur. The length of hose we carry also means we don’t need to drag our machine through your house meaning it is cleaner for the surrounding area. Our Drainage Unit set up means we can attend the same day in most cases to have your drains diagnosed and fixed.

Testimonial: I called Mark and his team when I discovered raw sewage under my house. I had family from overseas staying with us after our wedding and needed the problem fixed fast. Mark came and used the high pressure Jetter to solve my immediate problem. Once my family returned home he replaced the section of sewer line from Council to house which fixed the cause of the problem. I was grateful for Mark’s fast response and concern with my situation, I will definitely use The Gap Plumbing Service again. Gary, The Gap QLD.