Energy Efficient Heat Pump Installation

Helping the Environment and our Customers is a double reward, it’s made easier through the Savings Calculator on the Hydrotherm Website The Hydrotherm team will arrange for the Energy Saving Credits to be allocated against the cost of the Unit and then arrange delivery to site.  It’s a very easy order to delivery service with Online Chat available while shopping and a After Sales Support service that takes care of your 15 year stainless steel Tank warranty and 5 year All Parts warranty, not to mention their 48 Hour Service Promise.  Full details are available on their website.

Our recent customer made the Heat Pump choice and purchased  the energy efficient Dynamic Hydrotherm 316L model to take advantage of the Carbon Savings Credits (STCs) which reduced the cost of the Heat Pump at point of purchase.  The installation costs are another saving as the Hydrotherm unit comes with all valves, which are an additional cost on top of a traditional electric storage unit cost.  This makes for a cost effective Hot Water System installation with the long term benefits of reduced energy consumption.  The only additional costs would be if the position of your hot water system needs to be moved from a current location as well as the allowance for an Electrical connection.  

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