Hydrotherm Heat Pump Installation

Have you thought about investing in a heat pump hot water system? Hydrotherm Heat Pumps provide information on their website that outlines the energy savings of a heat pump system in comparison to gas and electric hot water system running costs.  

As a preferred installer of the Hydrotherm heat pump system, we can offer both plumbing and electrical installation.  The cost varies depending on where the system is being located and the pipework required along with the electrical provision for an external powerpoint.  We can arrange for a quote tailored to you, just call us on 1300 422 566 and Mark will come out to determine your investment cost.  While heat pumps do cost more initially, the energy consumption saving on your hot water heating can be as low as $295* per annum.  *based on Hydrotherm savings calculator.

The process for installation is to purchase the Hydrotherm heat pump through Hydrotherm Heat Pumps website and list The Gap Plumbing Service as the preferred installer.   Then call us on 1300 422 566 or email admin@gapplumbing.com.au and we can arrange for a mutually convenient time for installation.