Leaking Shower Repair

Have you found a damp spot in a room adjoining or below a bathroom?  Some common signs are wet carpet or water stains on plasterboard sheeting.  This indicates that your pipework is leaking in wall or that your waterproofing membrane has been compromised.  Sometimes it can even mean that the waste is leaking from a bath or shower.  The good news is that sometimes we can rectify this by accessing the waste or pipework from the side of the plasterboard that the wet signs came from.  

The process is to make an access hole, repair the mixer or waste pipework and then install a snap vent in the cutout.  Other times we need to install a patch, which requires plastering and painting, and can often be covered through your home insurance, although you would need to check your individual policy to be certain of coverage.  We can prepare a Plumbing Report outlining the investigation, rectification, and repair required including costs, for the insurance company to review.

When a waterproofing membrane has been compromised however or there is an inaccessible leak, we will need to remove the tiling and wall/floor sheeting and undertake a renovation to the shower to remove and re-install it.  For a leaking shower tray, we only need to remove the bottom row of wall tiles and the floor tiles in order to waterproof and replace the base.  Dependant if a match can be found for the wall tiles, or when it’s in-wall pipework that needs replacing, we then remove all the wall tiles and sheeting.

We make this process as streamlined as possible for you, with removal and reinstallation of sheeting usually taking 1 day.  The waterproofers then conduct their membrane installation and issue a Form 16 for waterproofing certification.  When the waterproofing is dry we then bed and tile, with either just the bottom row of tiles replaced or for a full shower the walls aswell, and then the tiler will grout and seal the tiling.  After this, we’ll reinstall the existing tapware or provide new tapware dependant on your budget.  The shower screen in then installed either using the existing screen or a glazier will measure and install a new screen.

For peace of mind, we are fully licenced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)under licence 1117559 for kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations, along with our Plumbing licence and use of licenced trades.  A QBCC contract will also be issued for works including insurance covering the works against major defects for 6.5 years.

If you would like a quote or Plumbing Report for a suspected leak, please call 1300 422 566 or complete our Contact Us Form