Sewer Line Replacement

When your toilet is blocked is the main sign of having an obstruction in your sewer line.  Other signs can be bubbling drains, effluent escaping from the ORG grate (which it’s meant to do before it backs up into an internal drain), and wet patches in your yard.  When this happens you will need to have your sewer line cleared by either a high-pressure water jetter or electric eel.  We find the water-pressure system with different sized nozzles that can cut through the toughest drain blockage the most effective system.  Once the drain is cleared, then we can view the line with our CCTV camera to determine if the blockage was caused by a break, crush or intrusion point.

When an obstruction is found, it doesn’t mean the entire line needs to be dug up and replaced.  We can locate the exact point of the damage and then dig up that section and repair.  At this point, we will provide a quote for the cost of rectification so that you can decide if you’ll wait out the sewer line blocking again and then have it cleared again and repaired or have the rectification conducted at this point.

Our Team are experienced in dig ups and obtain a location of essential services search prior to any mechanical dig.  Once we obtain the dial before you dig information, we instruct the machine operator during the dig as a spotter and then conduct the plumbing works.  During the backfill process, we’ll ensure that the ground is leveled and as little as possible of your yard is disturbed during the process.   View our images to see how neat we like to be on our dig up jobs.

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