Shower Screens – Frameless / Semi-Frameless / Framed

There are lots of options when it comes to glazing in your bathroom.

Some common designs are:

  1. Frameless shower screen – in either 10mm glass panel, swing and fixed panel for bath tub, or cubicle style for showers.  When used in a cubicle style, the glass panels are secured with fasteners to the wall and the door hinges off one of the glass panels.  There is a slight (2-3mm) gap between the door and where it meets it’s adjoining panel. The cost for frameless is higher.
  2. Semi-framess shower screen – a frame holds the top, bottom and side panels of the screen while the door is frameless and hinges off one of the side glass panels. This is a popular model as it’s more cost effective however maintains the clean lines in the door section as the frameless model.
  3. Framed shower screen – as the name suggests, a frame holds the top, bottom and side panels of glass. The door can be sliding or hinged. This is an economical option.
  4. When a hob wall is involved in a shower design, the glass panel on the hob wall can be semi-frameless whereby the glass is framed on the top and side and secured to the hob with silicone.  The door panel is then a continuation of the top frame and joined to the wall with the frame. The door hinges off a small glass panel and is frameless.
  5. The older style of shower tray use has also been replaced with bedding the floor with fall to the floor waste grate in the shower.  This provides a seamless flow with aluminium angle and the shower screen creating the water stop.
  6. A Nanokote water beading system can be applied to the shower screens at manufacture, meaning less cleaning as water runs off and doesn’t dry on screen causing scum to build up.

All of our glazing is measured on site once the tiling has been completed.  Our glazing consultant provides options for hardware and framing and check measures to ensure the perfect fit. The design is then submitted to the factory to make with professional fitters guaranteeing the installation.  We are unable to install pre-fabricated shower screens which major retailers sell.