Tips on Bathroom Renovation Planning

Your vision is the most important part of a bathroom renovation.  When you know what you want and can clearly communication your design and layout to your Contractor, the renovation process will flow seamlessly.  Here are tips to get you underway:

  1. Understand your space. Go old school and get out your tape measure and pencil & paper, make sure your rubber is handy too!  By measuring, drawing and developing your bathroom design manually, you get the chance to really feel the space, to understand how each fixture will work in with the next and identify if the scale of your desired fixtures versus size of room will work.
  2. Design like a Pro.  Utilise the free ideas that designers offer by searching Instagram and Pinterest or your favourite house magazines for bathroom style ideas.  See what’s on trend, see if the trend suits your taste (and budget!) and identify what layouts and concepts that you are drawn to.    This will help you narrow down the choices and identify what you really want to craft into your bathroom.  
  3. Lead with style.  Aesthetics set the mood for the room and should be used to inform your decisions.  By identifying the different materials you want to include in your rooms design, you will set the tone of the design.  If it’s Modern Minimalist, Hamptons, Country, Coastal or Eclectic styling.  By selecting your style and then sticking to it in the tiles, fixtures and fitting you choose, you will achieve your desired result.  
  4. Light it up. While you’re busy planning your showering and pampering space, don’t forget about your lighting.  Well placed lights, switches and powerpoints will increase the functionality of the room while low-sound emission exhausts and feature hanging lights can elevate the finish. 
  5. Create a Wish List.  By selecting a wish list of products that match your style, you’ll start to understand your budget.  There are so many choices that will align to your style but making them fit your budget can be overwhelming.  Save time by creating favourite product lists on supplier sites so you can revisit them when it comes purchasing.
  6. Make it 3D. Having gained your inspiration and design, you can turn your design digital.  Reece Plumbing offer a user friendly Bathroom Design tool that enables you to place your fixtures and fittings into your space and use this plan to give to Contractors to obtain quotes. 
  7. Your A Team. When gaining quotes for your bathroom, remember the Principal Contractor will be the leader of your A Team.  You want to trust them and their capability to manage the project. Their roles includes quality assurance of Trades, managing the schedule and coordinating your bathroom to completion. During the quoting process ask them to tell you how the project would run to gain an understanding of their work ethic and ability.  Also ask about their back end administration, who’s the team behind the team?
  8. Mind set. The renovation process can be loud and will be messy at stages. You may get sick of living in a building site or you may even check the work one day thinking a stage hasn’t been done to your satisfaction, when the tradesperson still need to return to complete the stage and it will be done to your satisfaction.  By keeping an open mind and trusting your trades to complete the works as per their professional training, experience and compliance with Australian Standards, allows everyone to relax and the process to flow.