Water Leak Detection

After hearing water running in the wall of their bathroom, our client turned off all fixtures and checked their water meter.  It was still running, meaning that a leak was occurring on plumbing pipework.  After receiving their call, we pressure tested the shower combination to find pressure wasn’t holding.  After using our leak detection equipment, we found the source of the problem, a damaged section of pipework leaking in the slab.

The investigation of water leaks and rectification is often covered by Home Insurance, although you would need to check your individual policy, with the repair being covered by the home owner. In this instance, to investigate we needed to cut the slab to obtain access to the leaking portion of the pipework.  The investigation and rectification is often the most time consuming with the

repair being the most straightforward.  

 If it wasn’t for the client hearing the water through the wall of the shower, this could have been undetected until the next water bill.  We were able to issue them with a plumbing report for insurance along with a Queensland Urban Utilities to obtain relief from their increase in usage due to the leak.

If you have noticed your water bill increase, then call us to come and check your fittings and fixtures to ensure that there is no leak on 1300 422 566.