• Sewer Line Replacement

    When your toilet is blocked is the main sign of having an obstruction in your sewer line.  Other signs can be bubbling drains, effluent escaping from the ORG grate (which it’s meant to do before it backs up into an internal drain), and wet patches in your yard.  When this happens you will need to […]

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  • Hydrotherm Heat Pump Installation

    Have you thought about investing in a heat pump hot water system? Hydrotherm Heat Pumps provide information on their website that outlines the energy savings of a heat pump system in comparison to gas and electric hot water system running costs.   As a preferred installer of the Hydrotherm heat pump system, we can offer […]

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  • Water Leak Detection

    After hearing water running in the wall of their bathroom, our client turned off all fixtures and checked their water meter.  It was still running, meaning that a leak was occurring on plumbing pipework.  After receiving their call, we pressure tested the shower combination to find pressure wasn’t holding.  After using our leak detection equipment, […]

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  • Storm Water Diversion and Storm Water Clearing

    Storm season and the Easter rains are upon us and storm water discharge will be at its peak.   For preventative storm water drain clearing, we can help by high-pressure jet rodding your stormwater drains to clear any blockages.  We can also investigate blockages to determine if there are any breaks in the line or extensive […]

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  • Installation of Rainwater Tank

    Make the most of the recent rains with the installation of a rainwater tank.  You can supply the tank or we can arrange delivery and installation of any tank type including, squat, slimline, round, poly, concrete and in the ground.  The size most commonly installed in our post-build household is 5,000lt for use in the […]

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  • Storm Water Drainage Rectification

    “Thank you for being so considerate of our young children while doing work at our house. Your team is very polite and personable” Alicia, The Gap.

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  • Water Efficiency Certificate

    Do you have a rental property?  We can provide a cost effective Water Efficiency Test and issue a Master Plumbers Water Efficiency Certificate to provide to your tenants and real estate agent.   Why conduct a water efficiency test?  In the case of rentals you are able to charge for excess water usage where all […]

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  • Shower Screens – Frameless / Semi-Frameless / Framed

    There are lots of options when it comes to glazing in your bathroom. Some common designs are: Frameless shower screen – in either 10mm glass panel, swing and fixed panel for bath tub, or cubicle style for showers.  When used in a cubicle style, the glass panels are secured with fasteners to the wall and the door hinges […]

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  • Ensuite Renovation

    For this Ensuite bathroom, the relocation of fixture positions allowed for additional space to be created without loosing any functionality.  Our clients were happy to combine their shower and bath, allowing an additional 900mm to be gained.  By moving the bath to under the newly fitting & tiled in window, a double wall hung vanity has seamlessly […]

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  • Simple luxury

    Our clients at Sinnamon Park, Brisbane undertook their toilet room, ensuite and main bathroom renovations under the one project. The ensuite included shower, vanity and toilet suite while the main bathroom boasts a free standing bath, shower and vanity. The layout of the main bathroom is generous with the ceiling height white and grey flecked tiles, […]

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